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Strategy Games
  • Crazy Birds 2

    Use the different abilities of the crazy birds to defeat the army of enemy pigs. Get ready...

    Gameplays: 128  |  Rated: 0

  • Fidget Spinner High Score

    Fidget Spinner High Score is a fidget spinner simulation game that has many upgrade option...

    Gameplays: 68  |  Rated: 0

  • Give A Hand

    Give a Hand is a game of skill and reactions about protecting cute little people from a me...

    Gameplays: 63  |  Rated: 0

  • Pandemic Simulator

    Pandemic Simulator is a COVID19-themed strategy game similar to Plague Inc: Evolved. Becom...

    Gameplays: 75  |  Rated: 0

  • Portal GO

    Portal GO is a fan-made puzzle game based on the Portal series by Valve Software. Find you...

    Gameplays: 57  |  Rated: 0

  • Sixagon

    Sixagon is a physics game in which you have to click blocks to make them disappear, withou...

    Gameplays: 149  |  Rated: 0

  • Uphill Racing 2

    You have to drive as far as you can and collect bonuses and coins along the way. You can u...

    Gameplays: 64  |  Rated: 0

  • Warriors League

    Unite your band of brave warriors! Travel across dangers to free the kingdom from evil dom...

    Gameplays: 130  |  Rated: 0